Sunday, February 19, 2012

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day?

Alex here and I'm posting an after Valentine's Day post.  Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day?  Mine was okay.  I received a lot of nice Valentines from classmates and one from a girl I like in school.  Mikhail received a few valentines from a few girls, but he likes one girl who has her own blog.... no names will be given.   I am sworn to secrecy!  I will say her name begins with a K...... okay I've said too much!   Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Bonjour, Alex!
    Bonne Saint-Valentin! I had a great Valetine's Day; I spent it with my best American friend Lilly. It was also her birthday, so we had cake and stuff.
    I'm glad you had a good day. My friend Julien can relate- he receieved a card from two girls that he likes. Ah, I'll confess. They were from me and another one of our friends. ;)

  2. Bonjour Miss Sabine, This is Mikhail. I am happy you and Lilly had a great Valentine's Day. Julien sounds cool, if he has a blog or would like to become friends, have him follow my blog or write to me. There's not too many AG custom boys. Over here Mom has a few... there's Alexander, Lars, Sheamus, Jeffrey, Matthew, Carlos, Joaquin (Carlos and Joaquin have their own blog) Jesse, Atticus, Jakob and me. I received a quite a bit of Valentines, but I must confess, I have my eyes on a girl who has a blog spot..... she is very beautiful....... by the way, please tell Lilly happy belated birthdy from me. Dobryj dyen', Miss Sabine. Mikhail