Sunday, February 19, 2012

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day?

Alex here and I'm posting an after Valentine's Day post.  Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day?  Mine was okay.  I received a lot of nice Valentines from classmates and one from a girl I like in school.  Mikhail received a few valentines from a few girls, but he likes one girl who has her own blog.... no names will be given.   I am sworn to secrecy!  I will say her name begins with a K...... okay I've said too much!   Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

And more Snow!

Mikhail here and yes we got more snow.  My friend Lars (in dark red pants with navy blue American flag sweater) was outside building a snowman.  One of our adopted sisters (her name is Chelsey) is smitten with Lars, it's like she trails him all over the place.  Poor Lars doesn't know what to do.  He's told her to stop following him, she tells him it's a free country and she can do as she pleases.  Any suggestions on how Lars can make Chelsey disappear?   We really need to know.  Bye for now.  Mikhail  P.S. I won the snowball fight!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Afternoon everyone!   Mikhail here!   Upstate NY finally got some snow last night.... not a lot, but just enough to have fun in.  I have already challenged my brother and a couple more adopted brothers (Lars, Sheamus, Matt, Jeff and Jesse) to a snowball fight!   Talk to you all later!   Mikhail

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Alexander

Hi everyone!   My name is Alexander Anton, nice to meet you all.  I'm Mikhail's younger brother.  We were both born in St Petersburg, Russia, we both were adopted into the same family and now we live in upstate NY.  I like football, ice hockey, ice skating... well more like speed skating, baseball,, swimming, basketball and I have been considered a daredevil of some sort.  I'm also hoping to meet new friends.  Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello everyone

Dobraye utro, pryvet - Good morning hello to all of you.  My name is Mikhail Sergei,  This will be my brother Alexander's and my blog.  We were born in St. Petersburg in Russia, we both were adopted and now here we are in Upstate NY.  We both like ice hockey, skating, music, reading (right now we read a lot about the Hardy Boys).  From what I have read, I'm more like Frank Hardy and Alexander is more like Joe Hardy.  We will both be taking turns writing on this blog and we both hope to make and meet new friends.  Til we blog again, Uvidimsia!    Mikhail